Hawker Perfect Plus

Project Description

Hawker perfect plus™ motive power batteries provide a high level of power and reliability for all industrial truck operations, from simple applications with a low capacity loading up to heavy duty multi-shift work.

Hawker perfect plus batteries provide higher efficiency in discharge, which is achieved by the use of advanced components in the construction of the positives plates. The sizing of plates has been optimised according to volume available in the cell boxes and the process of filling the positive plates has been improved. All these technical enhancements have enabled an increase in the cell capacities while retaining the same exterior dimensions.

All Hawker perfect plus cells use the robust tubular vented technology (PzS). The positive electrodes are diecast tubular plates (PzS) and advanced components used in their manufacture provide increased efficiency. The negative plates are flat pasted plates. The separator is of the microporous type. The cell box and lid are made from high impact, temperature resistant polypropylene and are heat-seal welded to prevent electrolyte leakage.


1. Increased capacities in same dimensions

2. Higher running time and battery availability

3. European harmonisation of capacities sizes in DIN and BS ranges

4. Options of Single Point Watering, WiIQ™ battery monitor & Electrolyte circulation system