Hawker Powerbloc Batteries

Project Description

Powerbloc and Powerbloc dry are ranges of bloc batteries for all applications in small traction, from cleaning machines to pallet trucks and industrial electric vehicles as well as some domestic applications like wheelchairs and golf carts.

Powerbloc are flooded batteries while Powerbloc dry are gas recombination VRLA batteries.
The Powerbloc range can be recharged with 50 Hz or HF chargers whilst the Powerbloc dry requires an approved profile charger. If you wish to use an existing charger you should check that the profile is approved by our technical team.

Our HF chargers are equipped with microprocessors and ensure a reliable full recharge for any degree of discharge of the battery (max 80%). These chargers have an electronically regulated characteristic charging curve. Charging process is automatically controlled and terminated.


1. Maximum performance giving best possible run times in the heaviest duty applications

2. Available in 6 volt and 12 volt in both Flooded and Maintenance Free types

3. The FPT range has advanced flat grid plates and paste formulation giving extended life

4. The TP range consists of robust tubular positive plates to ensure a long operating life under the heaviest applications

5. The MFP range consists of grid plates in special alloy with Gel immobilised electrolyte for true maintenance free operation