Hawker Evolution Batteries

Project Description

Hawker evolution™ batteries are valve regulated gas recombination batteries with gelled electrolyte, accepting up to 80% DOD/C5. This range is suitable for use in forklift trucks, pallet trucks, electric vehicles and automatic transport systems for low and normal duty applications.

The full benefits of Hawker evolution’s high performance is optimised by using the battery in combination with Hawker high frequency smart chargers: Lifetech and Life IQ, that allow a short charging time of only 8 hours at 60% DOD or 12 hours charging time at 80% DOD/C5.

The robust design is based on tubular positive plates (PzS type). Alloy (lead calcium with tin for the positive plate), the active mass and separator are adapted for the performance requirements of the battery.

With minimal gas emissions it is ideal for use in sensitive environments such as the food industry. The Hawker evolution battery range is available in DIN and BS dimensions, complying with standards DIN/EN 60254-2 and IEC 254-2.


1. Maintenance free - no water topping up necessary over the complete battery life

2. Gelled electrolyte means no risk of spillage

3. Low gas emission permits decentralised charging, making use of a more simplified charging room resulting in cost savings to your business